Microsoft Office for iPad might land as soon as March 27!

Microsoft Office is tragically late in arriving for the most popular platform in post-PC computing — the iPad. But, in hopes that better-late-for-never works better for Microsoft this time than it has in the past, it looks like they might finally be ready to let the Apple tablet-optimized version of their productivity suite loose. Perhaps as soon as March 27. And perhaps by none other than brand-new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Mary Jo Folly writing for ZDNet:

According to several sources of mine, Microsoft's latest timetable calls for the company to finally introduce the long-rumored Microsoft Office for iPad suite of applications before the end of March 2014. This March 27 event sounds like it might be the time and place.

The suite for the iPad is rumored to include only Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, and possibly no other Office client apps. It is expected to be downloaded from the Apple Store but most likely to require a Micrososoft Office 365 subscription, similar to the way Office Mobile for iPhone works.

So here's the question — is it too little, too late, or is it finally the Office for iPad you've been waiting for?