Also asked and answered at the Apple shareholders meeting covered earlier was a question about the oft-rumored Flash player for iPhone. CEO Steve Jobs put a Goldilocks-esque kibosh to the rumor thusly:

John Gruber's toldjasos and youmustbejokings were interrupted only by Jobs stressing that Apple and Adobe (who makes and markets the ubiquitous player) maintain good relations, so potential enough remains to feed the rumor-mill for posts to come.

However, it's worth remembering that:

  • Flash is a notorious resource hog on OS X and Adobe has never really addressed this for the desktop
  • Regardless of its ubiquity Flash remains a proprietary standard and Apple has stressed open standards (like AJaX for MobileSafari)
  • And perhaps most importantly, Flash is a competitor to Apple's (admittedly languishing) QuickTime and Apple could very well be preparing to put some of their sudden mobile browsing penetration behind their own product rather than just handing Adobe the space.

Macworld also adds that, with regards to raining on Dieter's iPhone SDK parade tomorrow, "you'll see a lot of applications out there this summer."