Fitbit is a company based out of San Francisco, California United States that focuses on fitness and activity trackers. Many of the trackers are worn on the wrist like a bracelet. However, earlier models like the Fitbit One can clip onto pants or shirt lapels.

The trackers can sync to a Fitbit mobile app found on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, or to a Mac or PC.

Fitbit trackers keep count of steps taken, length of nightly sleep, floors climbed, and distance traveled. Heart rate monitoring is also available in various models, including the Blaze, Surge, and Charge HR. The range of products include the Zip, One, Flex, Charge, Charge HR, Surge, Alta, and Blaze and range in price from $59 to $249. Fitbit also makes a connected scale called Aria for keeping track of your weight goals.