Best USB-C Monitors for Mac — So Far!

The MacBook and MacBook Pro have excellent displays on their own, but if you need a second or bigger display, there's none better than the LG 27UD88, which is reasonably priced and made by one of the best and most innovative display manufacturers in the game.

Our Pick

LG 27UD88

The best USB-C monitor for most people.

This 4K monitor is hands-down the best USB-C monitor you can buy to complement your Mac experience. Via one cable, USB-C, you can power your MacBook, transfer video, and use the monitor as a USB hub, with the ability to interface with any peripheral you plug into the UD88's two USB 3.0 ports.

Why the LG 27UD88 is the best

You can calibrate the colors with your MacBook so that you glance back and forth between each screen and have it be seamless and pleasing to the eye. You also have 14 options for layout, so you can view multiple windows simultaneously — run your Apple TV via HDMI while using your MacBook!

As mentioned, the best part of this monitor is its ability to power your MacBook while acting as a display, so that you're not limited by your battery. You can often snag it on Amazon for under $600.

Is it a good time to buy this monitor?

Yes. As of Aug. 2018, this monitor has everything you could want in a USB-C monitor for your MacBook or MacBook Pro. The USB hub means more ports that you get with your laptop, and its ability to power your MacBook means you can stay productive for longer — really as long as you can handle.

Reasons to buy

  • Built-in USB hub for all your peripherals
  • Very reasonably priced for what you get
  • Built-in USB 3.0 Quick Charge port
  • 60Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time
  • Gorgeous IPS panel with great viewing angles

Reasons not to buy

  • You're in the market for something under $500
  • You don't need a 4K display

A second monitor for your MacBook is more valuable than you think

While you likely bought your MacBook or MacBook Pro, in part, because of its gorgeous display, having an extra monitor can prove invaluable when it comes to productivity. If you're doing any time of graphic design, image editing, video editing, or any other type of production work, a quality monitor is golden.

Though golden this one is not, as the back of the UD2788 is totally white, very much leaning into Apple's aesthetic. That being said, if your desk is in the middle of a room, you may not dig the bright hardware.

That, and you can use your MacBook in "closed clamshell" mode, meaning you can have it just like a desktop, which is great for when the size limitations of your MacBook's screen hinder progress. Having a 4K monitor, like the LG 27UD88 is just the icing on the cake, allowing you to work with fine detail and with exceptional color.

Having a monitor with built-in USB-C is also invaluable when it comes to the latest MacBooks and MacBook Pros, since that's all you have to work with when it comes to inputs/outputs. Being able to power a laptop while simultaneously working on another monitor means you never have to worry about battery drain.

LG understands the plight of the current Apple user while sharing Apple's vision for the future.

In its current iteration, LG has been around for over 20 years, and it has refined its craft and innovation over the last 10, creating display technology coveted by and even used by other display makers, like Samsung. LG provides premium quality without the platinum price tag you see in other brands. Its products are just as good, but far more affordable.

Lastly, LG understands the needs of Apple users, going so far as to working directly with Apple to create its 5K UltraFine display. The inclusion of a USB hub in the 27UD88 shows that it understands the plight of the current Apple user, while also charing Apple's vision for the future.

Alternatives to the LG 27UD88

Of course, LG isn't the only maker of excellent USB-C monitors for your MacBook or MacBook Pro, and if your needs are a little different than what the 27UD88 offers, then one of the below options should suit your perfectly.

Runner-up Acer H277HU

Acer H277HU

An affordable option that looks as great as it performs.

The Acer H277HU may not have a 4K display, but it makes up for it with great input options and a very quick 4ms response time.

Acer's slim-bezeled H277HU has a great display that looks as good as its hardware. The golden chin bezel and collar-shaped stand are gorgeous and eye-catching, though not distracting since the bezel around the rest of the screen is minimal. Like a good USB-C monitor should when it comes to the 2016 MacBook Pro and newer, the H277HU powers your MacBook Pro via USB-C, so you can work all day and night.

This monitor isn't for folks with a wonky setup who need to swivel it around to portrait mode, or anything like that since it can only tilt backward 15 degrees and forward five. Other than that, it's a great companion to your MacBook, adding a 1440x2560 display, an HDMI port, and a DisplayPort (though you cannot interface with peripherals via your MacBook and the USB-C input). Check it out for around $445.

Premium option

LG UltraFine 5K

From MacBook to iMac with LG and USB-C.

I mean, say no more! The LG Ultrafine 5K was developed with Apple, specifically for the 2016 MacBook Pro. This 27-inch IPS panel has a 5120x2880 resolution and pairs perfectly with the new MacBook Pro (at least, the upper-model 13-inch and 15-inch models), offering an 85W charging port and three 5 Gbps USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports.

You can orient The LG UltraFine monitor in just about any configuration you like or mount it on a VESA arm using the included VESA cover. This monitor even comes with a Thunderbolt 3 cable!

Mid-range option

ASUS Designo MX27UC

A reasonably priced 4K workhorse.

For under $550, the ASUS Designo packs a lot into a 27-inch package: a 4K IPS display, two 3W speakers, USB-C PD, a gorgeous frameless design, and DisplayPort, HDMI, as well as the ability to act as a USB hub.

For productivity, screen quality, and ports, it's hard to find better in the $500 range. The ASUS Designo also features ASUS' Eye Care, which provides flicker-free backlighting and blue light filtering. Thanks to the in-plane switching, viewing angles are great, at roughly 178 degrees with no color shifting.

Budget option ASUS ZenScreen

ASUS ZenScreen

As portable as it gets.

The ZenScreen is ASUS's very portable monitor, which has its own USB-C port and offers a great-looking IPS panel. This 15.6-inch screen features ASUS' Eye Car technology to prevent eye fatigue and has flicker-free backlighting and a blue light filter to help keep you productive for longer.

It also has a great display widget that lets you play with advanced settings in order to tweak things just how you like them. The best part? It's only $240! It also weighs about two pounds, so it shouldn't add too much more heft to your laptop bag. In fact, it's so light, one Amazon reviewer did some finagling and basically mounted it atop their MacBook screen.

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