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What are the hottest new apps on the App Store right now? These!

There are over a million and a half apps for iPhone and iPad and the number just keeps growing. Every day new and newly updated apps hit the App Store, and it's impossible to keep up with all of them. Luckily, you don't have to. All you have to do is bookmark this page and come back every day. When you do, we'll have the best of the best new apps waiting for you!

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Best new and updated apps

Best apps

This week, give your photos a film-like feel, help your child become more mindful, track your running with your friends, and much more.

  • RNI Films - Give your photos a true film look with RNI Films. Based on actual films from brands like Kodak and Fuji, RNI can help you achieve an old-school look, while also providing a number of modern digital tools. Adjust grain, color saturation, vignette, and more. You can also take photos within the RNI app and customize the aspect ratio at which the photo is captured. You can use RNI Films for free with a small selection of pre-loaded films, but you can download additional film packs for $3.99 each. - Free - Download Now
  • Mindful Powers - Mindfulness isn't just for adults, and kids might benefit from picking up those sorts of skills early. That's the premise, at least, behind Mindful Powers, which offers guided sessions aimed at kids aged 7-10 that can be used in an effort to increase calm and focus, reduce stress, and dealing with emotions. You can download and use Mindful Powers for free, while adding on the Mindfulness 101 course will run you $4.99. - Free - Download Now
  • Outwalk - This app counts your steps, measures the distance you've traveled on foot, and helps you compare your stats to your friends. Get breakdowns of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly habits, race against your friends for spots on the global and regional leaderboards, and unlock badges for completing challenges. In addition to competing you can also chat with your friends using Outwalk's built-in chat function. Sharing your results with friends can also take place over the built-in iMessage app. - Free - Download Now
  • MIX - MIX is a photo editing and filter app that offers different ways to customize your images. MIX features 130 filter effects from several different styles, including the emulation of different types of film. The app also supports editing tools such as split toning, curves, color balance, and HSL. Overlay textures onto your photos to spice them up even more. MIX is free to download and use, though a number of tools are available as separate purchases for $0.99 and $1.99. - Free - Download Now
  • Stockpile - If you've ever wanted to start investing in the stock market, this app might be up your alley. You can invest small amounts of money to buy fractional shares of stock. So while you might not have a single share, you can get a piece of almost any stock out there. Get daily market briefings, see breakdowns of how your stocks are performing, get tips and lessons about working with the stock market, and keep track of all of your investments. - Free - Download Now

Featured apps

Featured Apps

This week, Apple's got a collection of apps that are great for going to the movies. Whether you're looking for inside scoop, trying to get tickets, or want to know if you should stay through the credits, there's an app for every moviegoer in this collection.

  • IMDB - This is the place you go for information on movies and TV shows. Check out audience impressions on a film, check out showtimes and and buy tickets, rate your favorite movies, and watch trailers. You can deep dive into the details of any movie or show in existence, from checking out its cast to getting a breakdown of the equipment used to film the project. Build a watchlist of the films you want to see, and share that list with your friends. - Free- Download Now
  • Atom - Atom is all about getting you to the theater, letting you purchase and pre-order tickets and store them in your iPhone's Wallet app. You can find friends that want to see the same movie that you do and buy your tickets as a group, letting you invite friends to the movies and getting digital tickets without having to pay for theirs. If a theater allows, you can also pre-order concessions, using the Atom Express Lane at participating theaters in order to pick them up. If you've got any loyalty accounts with a particular theater chain, you can also sync the app with that account so that you can get your points. - Free - Download Now
  • After Credits - Post-credits scenes are a common feature in many blockbuster films these days, but not every release has them. Rather than waiting for the credits to roll to find out if you need to sit through them, open up After Credits so you can know for sure. The app is entirely built on user submissions, and you can help out by submitting your own indications for which movies have post-credit scenes and which don't, including descriptions for each post-credit sequence. You can add tags to films to group them together and make them easier to search. You can even voluntarily spoil yourself on a film if you don't want to wait to know what happens. - Free - Download Now