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In this week's selection of films and shows on Amazon Prime, Detective Harry Bosch must solve the murder of a civil rights attorney that was about to sue the LAPD before Los Angeles descends into riots. As Hurricane Katrina makes landfall, a new father who also just lost his wife tries to find a way for both him and his newborn daughter to survive the storm as it crashes into New Orleans. Finally, a night club singer is suddenly forced to open up her home to her niece and nephews, becoming a parent for the first time overnight.

  • Bosch - Season 4 - Detective Harry Bosch is chosen to lead a special LAPD task force after an attorney is murdered just as he is about to start his civil rights trail against the department. Bosch must find the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crime before Los Angeles explores into riots. But Bosch is surprised to find that the attorney's murder coincides with one from his past, which he'll have to reckon with if we hopes to solve the case.
  • Hours - Set in the run up to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, this disaster film centers on Nolan Hayes, a man left to raise his new daughter alone after his wife dies in childbirth. Nolan must fight for his life and that of his newborn daughter as the hurricane bears down on New Orleans.
  • I Can Do Bad All by Myself - A self-centered, alcoholic night club singer finds her life turned upside down when she is forced to start taking care of niece and two nephews following the death of their grandmother. As she grows to accept the children as part of her life, she must confront her own past and learn to actually love herself so that she may love others.

Looking ahead

This week's new additions to Amazon's Prime Video lineup starts Aida's Secrets, a documentary that follows a family as two brothers are reunited for the first time since they were separated by WWII, while the family searches for truths buried in the past. You can watch Pass Over, a play filmed for Amazon by Spike Lee, which follows two young men as they pass their time on a street corner, talking about what they hope to do with their lives and the difficulties of being black in America. Finally, in Hangman, a decorated detective teams with a criminal profiler in order to catch a serial killer who patterns his murders after the child's game of Hangman.

  • Aida's Secrets - In this documentary, a family digs for answers after records from World War II lead to two brothers, separated as babies by the war, are finally able to reunite. As the family comes together, they attempt to get the full truth out of their mother, who has secrets of her own. Arrives April 16.
  • Pass Over - Filmed for Amazon by Spike Lee, this play centers on two young black men as they pass the time on a street corner talking trash, reminiscing about the past, encountering street violence, and have a confrontation with a racist, overbearing cop. This riff on Waiting for Godot is a timely look at what it means to be black in America. Arrives April 20.
  • Hangman - A decorated homicide detective partners with a criminal profiler in order to catch a notorious serial killer who bases his murders off of the guessing game Hangman. Because sure, why not? Arrives April 21.

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