Best movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime

Amazon is continuously adding new movies and TV shows to its Prime video streaming service, and each week, we'll bring you the best it has to offer!

Press Play

In this week's selection of films and shows on Amazon Prime, the partners at a law firm try to save what remains of their business following a scandal that saw one of their employees land themselves in prison. The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise must fight to save not only each other, but the Federation after being stranded on a mysterious planet that houses a new and deadly threat. Finally follow the lives of a husband and wife with vastly different approaches to how they live their lives.

  • Suits - Season 6 - Picking up directly after the events of season five, Mike adjusts to his new life behind bars, while Harvey, Jessica, Louis, Donna, and Rachel deal with the rollout and attempt to save what remains of their law firm.
  • Star Trek Beyond - The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 must fight to survive on a remote planet, up against a new enemy that has designs on destroying the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet, and everything they stand for.
  • Paterson - This Amazon original film explores the lives of a husband and wife who take two wildly different approaches to day-to-day life. While Paterson rigidly sticks to his routine, his wife, Laura, finds a new adventure every day.

Looking ahead

This week's first addition to Amazon Prime's video lineup is David Lynch: The Art of Life, which explores the art, music, and films of David Lynch. In season two of the docuseries All or Nothing, follow the Los Angeles Rams during their 2016 football season. Finally, the new Amazon original animated series Danger & Eggs follows an adventurous young girl and her best friend, a giant talking egg named Phillip.

  • David Lynch: The Art of Life - Fans of the works of David Lynch will want to check out this documentary, which takes a look at Lynch's early films, alongside his art and music, in order to give us a better understanding of Lynch as an artist. Arrives June 29. - See at Amazon
  • All or Nothing - Season 2 - The second season of the series follows the Los Angeles Rams football team. The series journeys with the team, capturing several important milestones from the 2016 season, including the announcement of their relocation back to LA and hiring of new head coach Sean McVay. Arrives June 30. - See on Amazon
  • Danger & Eggs - Season 1 - Go on adventures with the daring D.D. Danger and her overly cautious best friend, Phillip, the giant talking egg, in this Amazon original cartoon series. The first season has the duo exploring an underground lab, meeting a tech-savvy raccoon, and more. Arrives June 30. – See on Amazon

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