The MacBook Pro is a hell of a machine, with slick internals and three very recent updates (late 2016, mid-2017, and 2018). If you've just picked up a new laptop, then you'll want to protect it or maybe even just dress it up a bit. Here are the best cases for your MacBook Pro.

Note: Always remember to select the right size and model before you check out. Also, remember that any case for the 2016 MacBook Pro will fit the 2017 and 2018 models too.

Textured protection

Incase Hardshell case

Staff Favorite

Incase makes fantastic backpacks, and that craftsmanship translates to its MacBook Pro cases, which have a dot texture look and repel water. The Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate material is also abrasion-resistant, meaning extra scratch protection for your laptop. If you want a premium, unique feel to your MacBook Pro, definitely check out this case.

$50 at InCase

Popular pick

TopCase 2-in-1 ultra slim hard cover

This hardcover case might be the most reviewed case on Amazon, and over 70% of reviews fall in the 4- or 5-star range. This is the perfect basic case for your MacBook Pro and it comes in 13-inch and 15-inch versions, so it's great for everybody. It's made from hard plastic but features a softer rubberized coating, which provides excellent grip, especially when it's sitting on your lap.

From $13 at Amazon

Heavy duty protection

i-Blason dual layer cover

If you're looking for some rugged protection, then i-Blason's heavy duty dual layer cover is the way to go. It's made from hard plastic and features a softer, more flexible TPU bumper around the edges for shock absorption. You have the option of black with blue, black with green, all black, or white.

$30 at Amazon

Space case

KEC hard shell cover

If you're looking something with a nice design but aren't partial to cats with glasses or mandalas, then check out KEC's "out of this world" cases, which feature space scenes, as well as abstract, wavy paint designs. If you're a stargazer or just like a celestial scene, then these are the cases for you. They're so cool.

$20 at Amazon

Ol' reliable

Mosiso plastic hard case

Mosiso's plastic hard case is probably the best-reviewed MacBook case on Amazon and it even comes with a keyboard cover so that your MacBook Pro is covered through and through. The keyboard cover matches whichever exterior color you choose. Just like most MacBook cases, these are made from hard plastic and feature an anti-slip rubberized coating.

From $14 at Amazon

Au naturel

THEWOODWE walnut wood case

From Etsy, this stylish wooden case is super slim and definitely won't provide much protection, aside from keeping your MacBook Pro scratch-free. Though it seems like more of a skin (you peel and stick it once you place it correctly), this case is indeed made from real walnut and is laser cut to fit your MacBook perfectly. Though these cases stick via adhesive, THEWOODWE promises they won't leave a residue, and reviews appear to corroborate that.

$82 for top and bottom at Etsy

Luxury pick

Pad & Quill Cartella Slim case

These cases are super thin and feature a wrapped spine, which buckles at a corner to allow your MacBook Pro to open fully. The cover is made from a soft linen, and your MacBook sturdily stays put thanks to 3M "secure locking adhesive," which leaves no residue on your laptop. Make sure you choose the correct size before checking out.

$100 and up at Pad & Quill

Long-lasting protection

Speck SmartShell

The SmartShell is a two-piece case with rubber feet on the bottom to stop your laptop sliding about. It's rather similar to other cases on this list, but it's a bit thicker, helping it stand up to bumps and travel a little bit better. There are nine color options to choose from, and it's available for just about every MacBook Pro under the sun. I've had one for eight years, and it's still as great as ever.

$50 at Amazon

For the Pros

ProCase hard shell cover

This case is a lot like others on this list, with a matte-finished, hard plastic top and bottom. It comes in many colors, and each case comes with a black keyboard cover. The bottom is vented so your MacBook Pro doesn't overheat, and the covers snap on and off if you ever want to just admire your laptop on its own.

$17 at Amazon


Tech21 Evo Gem case

Found right on Apple's site, these Tech21 cases feature a "BulletShield" material, which is textured to add a bit of shock absorption. The "gem" design has a cool effect on the MacBook's look when light hits it, and you can find it in either pink or gray.

$90 and up at Tech21

Leather for less

Fintie PU leather cases

If you can have a leather case for your iPhone, then why not for your MacBook? This synthetic leather case boasts the elegant and sophisticated look and feel of leather, but with an easy-to-swallow price tag of less than $20. The bottom is fully vented, so there's no leather holding in heat, and the inner hard plastic shell helps protect against scratches and bumps.

$19 at Amazon

Yeah, the MacBook Pro is a nice-looking machine, but if you want to keep it looking gorgeous, then you'll want a quality case for it. For all intents and purposes, InCase's Hardshell case is tried and true and a favorite amongst the iMore staff. It's sturdy, well-fit, and looks amazing.

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