In almost every conceivable way, the MacBook Air with Retina display is smaller than the previous MacBook Air while still having a 13.3-inch display. It has 17% less volume than the previous MacBook Air, being shorter, shallower, and lighter than its predecessor. This means that soft cases, bags, and sleeves for the older MacBook Air will work just fine with the new model; however, hard cases will not. If you're looking to carry around you're new MacBook Air in something to protect it when you're on the move, here are our favorite options.

Full 360-Degree Protection

i-Blason Hard Shell Case

This frosted matte-finished plastic case is guaranteed to make your MacBook Air more hearty, as it protects the top of the laptop. With rubber feet on the bottom, so your MacBook Air won't slide around on tables or desks and cutout for heat ventilation that won't cause your computer to run too hot, the i-Blason Hard Shell Case is super effective.

$25 at Amazon

Heavy-duty option

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Case

If you're wanting something that's as tough as possible, you'll be hard pressed to find a case better than the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series case. With a wrap around bumper that covers not only the top and bottom of your MacBook Air, but also the edges, SUPCASE will ensure that no harm should come to your laptop. It's precise cutouts for the Thunderbolt ports, speakers, and Touch ID means you won't have to worry about the case interfering with any functions.

$30 at Amazon

Keyboard cover included

ProCase MacBook Air Case

Minimalist in design, this clear polycarbonate case covers the top and bottom of your MacBook Air preventing scratches and minor scuffs from damaging your laptop. The case even raises up onto the sides of the device, so it should help protect the corners as well. The ProCase also comes with an included silicone keyboard covers, so it will keep crumbs and other debris from getting into the keys.

$17 at Amazon

4-in-1 accessorty pack

GYMLE MacBook Air accessory pack

Why just get a case, when you can get a case, screen protector, keyboard cover, and webcam cover all in one. The GYMLE case is thin and lightweight but covers the top, bottom, and most of the sides of your MacBook Air ensuring you don't scratch the finish. Plus, a keyboard cover, film screen protector, and webcam cover are three extremely useful items to own for any MacBook Air owner!

$20 at Amazon

If you plan on carrying around your MacBook Air a lot from place to place, any of the cases mentioned above are a great investment to keep your new laptop looking great and free from scuffs. I personally like the ProCase for its minimalist design and include keyboard cover.

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