Update April 2017: Updated product descriptions.

If you have an iPad Mini 4, you obviously know how portable, efficient, and reliable your little tablet is, but why not dress it up for success?

There are plenty of different accessories available out there for your iPad Mini, so it's hard to know what works for real and what's a money-waster.

Here are the best accessories out there for your iPad Mini 4.

Vintage genuine leather iPad Mini 4 case

Having a stylish, functional, high-quality, affordable case for your iPad Mini 4 can be hard to find, but if you're in the market for something that hits all of the above, then take a peek at the Vintage genuine leather iPad Mini 4 case from Benuo.

Handmade from a premium genuine leather. with a built-in stand that makes watching videos and propping up your iPad as simple as pie, the Vintage genuine leather iPad Mini 4 case from Benuo automatically wakes up your tablet and puts it to sleep whenever you open or close it – just like the original Apple iPad cases.

At such an affordable price for a leather product – around $36 – you can pick up this genuine leather iPad Mini 4 case from Benuo in retro brown, black, brown, and retro red.

Oh! And did we mention that it only adds around 7mm of bulk to your iPad Mini 4 all together? Talk about convenient!

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FiftyThree Digital Stylus Pencil

If you're looking for a stylus that's not only functional but also incredibly good-looking and aesthetically pleasing, while still keeping a few neat tricks and features in it's back pocket, then direct your attention to the unique-looking Digital Stylus Pencil from FiftyThree.

FiftyThree's Pencil is one of the best looking and most comfortable styli we've tested… Part of what sets the Pencil apart is the Eraser feature; flip it around and you can remove anything on the page. [sic] (Antonio Villas-Boas, PCMag)

The FiftyThree Digital Stylus Pencil is incredibly interactive, allowing users to "erase" like they normally would with a pencil and even smudge and blur lines on a drawing that they're doing as if they're working with pencil lead. With the pencil, you get a USB-rechargeable battery, an extra tip, and an extra eraser, so you're set!

The battery for this particular stylus charges in around 90 minutes and connect via USB, so you can always charge and draw on the go! (#yaaaaaaas)

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Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim keyboard

While your iPad Mini 4 is a great tablet to type on if you're answering short emails or responding to Facebook messages, it's a bit trickier to get any major work done, like finishing up your midterm paper or updating your article for iMore.

Lucky for you, there's this wonderful thing called the Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim keyboard, and it works by wirelessly connecting to your iPad Mini, turning it into a functional, disjointed laptop of sorts!

The Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim keyboard is super lightweight, the keys are quiet, and the battery lasts over 3 months, with an additional power saving mode in case you forget to turn the darn thing off, so you won't have to worry about it dying in the middle of a 6,000 word paper.

Not only is this wireless keyboard so well-reviewed on Amazon (nearly 5,000 5-star reviews!), but if you have a problem with it, you get a worry-free, 18-month warranty, plus super friendly customer service that'll be sure to help you out.

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Belkin ChargeSync Express Dock

Keep your iPad Mini 4 charged and out of the way of spills, splashes, and the dangers of a flat surface with the Belkin ChargeSync Express Dock!

Express Dock for iPad's key feature is the dial, located behind the tablet support. It's used to raise and lower the Lightning plug so as to better accommodate cases… We appreciate that Belkin is trying to do what it can to increase case compatibility while dealing with Apple's design mandates. [sic] (Nick Guy, iLounge)

Designed with a sleek aluminum finish, a 4-foot hardwire USB cable, and the ability to be easily packed up and taken with you, the Belkin ChargeSync Express Dock is the perfect iPad Mini 4 accessory for your home, your office, or even your bedside table.

Not only is this dock guaranteed to charge your iPad Mini while protecting it from any spills or accidental bumps off your desk, but its unique, adjustable design allows users to charge their device with almost any size/type of case, so even if it does get knocked onto the ground, you still have that additional protection.

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JETech Premium tempered glass screen protector

If you're someone who's prone to dropping your devices over and over and over again, then investing in a screen protector is key. Better yet, investing in a tempered glass screen protector, like the JETech Premium, is probably your best bet when it comes to saving your iPad Mini 4 from shattering on the ground.

Nobody likes to see a cracked screen, so the JETech Premium tempered glass screen protector protects your iPad Mini, while still providing high-response and high-transparency screen quality.

Built and designed to be fingerprint- and dust-free, with a one-push, one-time, super simple, bubble-free installation, the JETech Premium tempered glass screen protector comes with a cleaning cloth and a lifetime warranty!

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Anker Premium Lightning to USB cable

If I had to buy an extra Lightning cable or replace one that's broken, I'd choose the 3-foot Anker PowerLine Lightning cable, because it hits all the right notes in terms of design, functionality, and price. We can say that Anker's cable stands out from the crowd. [sic] (Nick Guy, The Wirecutter)

With over 11,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and widely recognized as one of the best Apple Lightning cable replacements out there, the Premium lightning to USB cable from Anker is a necessity to have if you're looking for accessories for your iPad Mini 4.

These cables have been bend tested over 4,000 times and promise to have a lifespan several times longer than standard cables. Better yet, the cable fits perfectly and is heat-resistant, making it a reliable and high-functioning tool to have in your arsenal.

While Apple's Lightning cables can set you back a few dollars, the Anker Premium Lightning to USB cable, which measures out at about 3 feet, will only cost you around $6. You can pick out your cable in white or black,depending on your style.

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What's your favorite iPad Mini 4 accessory?

Are you a big fan of car mounts? More protective cases? A different type of stylus?

Let us know what your favorite iPad Mini 4 accessories are in the comments below!

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