The iPhone XR is the most playful of the new iPhone models since it comes in an array of fun colors. Why not play up that spirited style with some awesome accessories? Of course, you'll want practical accessories as well. Here are some of the best accessories for your iPhone XR.

Match your headphones to your iPhone

urBeats3 Earphones with Lightning Connector

Apple's partner Beats is releasing new earbuds to match the new colors of the iPhone XR. If you want an upgrade from the EarPods that come packaged with the iPhone but you don't want to go wireless, this is a great option.

$60 at Apple

Colorful power

Paracable charging cables

Paracable makes braided charging cables that are MFI certified and are just plain fun to look at. I own and love these. I guess my kids did too, since they stole most of them.

$22 at Paracable

Get a grip

Case-Mate Rings

Stick one of these rings on the back of your iPhone XR or its case, and you'll be far less likely to drop your phone. It doubles as a stand when you want to watch a movie on that edge-to-edge screen.

$15 at Case-Mate

Stop cable fraying

Cord Munchers

These little critters will keep you from bending and damaging your charging cord. It covers and protects the most vulnerable part of the cord where it tends to fray.

$14 at Amazon

Portable wireless charging

Mophie Charge Stream Powerstation Wireless

Charge your iPhone XR or any Qi-enable device on the go with this portable 6040mAh battery from Mophie. You can charge your wired devices as well via its 10W USB-A port.

$80 at Mophie

Accessories of all kinds enhance the iPhone experience. If I were buying an iPhone XR, I think I'd probably need to get those urBeats3 Earphones in the same color as my iPhone.

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