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Apple Watch and the story of ceramics

Gorilla Glass, Liquidmetal, sapphire, and now ceramic, Apple continues to push the boundaries of materials science through design.

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The Quartz Crisis and the Bondi Blue iMac

A pivotal time in the industry, known as the Quartz Crisis, was classical watchmaking's equivalent of the Great Depression.

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Moving people to the wrist: The historic challenge of the watch

Hans Wilsdorf, the man who would come to found the brand we know today as Rolex, had a formidable task before him when he endeavored to convince the world to mount a watch on their wrists.

Up until the First World War, the wristwatch was seen largely as a trinket—a wristlet—worn occasionally by women of high society. Any gentleman who could afford a watch sported a pocket watch. Reflecting on the time, in a four-volume treatise, Rolex Jubilee Vade Mecum, published in 1946, Wilsdorf wrote:

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