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All Articles by Jared Dipane

T-Mobile offers its customers a free season pass to MLB at Bat 15

T-Mobile customers will get MLB at Bat 2015 free again, thanks to T-Mobile being the official wireless partner of the MLB.

For the past couple of years T-Mobile has offered its customers a free season of MLB at Bat, and they are back with the same this year. Beginning on May 1, T-Mobile customers can download the MLB at Bat 15 app on their devices and receive a free season pass, a $19.99 value.

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Check if your favorite app is available on the Apple Watch with this great site

Seeing if an app has gained support for the Apple Watch is now as easy as typing its name into a website, thanks to developer Cesare Rocchi.

CanIHazaWatchApp is a new site from Cesare Rocchi, the developer behind Neater app and others, which allows you to type in the name of your favorite iPhone or iPad app to see if it supports the Apple Watch. We are already keeping an extensive list of all the apps that we see gain Apple Watch support, but options are always good to have.

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Facebook balances content from Friends and Pages in latest News Feed changes

Facebook has again made some changes to the way they display content in your News Feed in hopes of bringing a better balance.

Finding a good balance between too much content and not enough content is a tough task and Facebook has been taking user feedback to heart on this. Facebook is once again changing the content that is displayed in your News Feed based on what they have been hearing.

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EA launches UFC globally on the App Store, knocking out previous restrictions

After being available in limited areas to start, UFC has knocked out the barriers and is now available on the App Store worldwide.

EA Sports has announced that UFC is now available worldwide on the App Store. The app first launched in Canada, South Korea, Singapore and Russia and the results were great. Featuring intuitive touch controls the gameplay is action-packed.

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Amazon will let you watch Season One of Orphan Black for free on April 17 only

Amazon will let anyone watch Season One of Orphan Black, but the deal is only good for April 17.

Orphan Black is an Amazon Prime exclusive series, but on April 17 they will be allowing anyone to watch Season One. The show will be available for viewing through Amazon's Instant Video app for TVs, connected devices and mobile devices, or online. All ten episodes of the first season will be available for the day for anyone to watch, whether a member of Amazon already or not.

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Rogers expands 'Roam Like Home' to include 35 European countries beginning April 15

Rogers is expanding its popular 'Roam Like Home' program to now include 35 countries across Europe.

On April 15 Rogers will expand on their popular 'Roam Like Home" program to include 35 countries across Europe. In the new countries, Rogers will allow customers to send emails, picture messages, make phone calls, and browse the internet for a flat $10 per day fee.

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Apple still top US smartphone manufacturer, according to comScore

Research firm comScore showed that Apple still remains the top US smartphone manufacturer.

Apple stills comes out in front as the top smartphone manufacturer, but they did experience a small drop from 41.8% to 41.7%. Samsung is up next, also with a drop, from 29.7% to 28.6%, but LG managed to pick up some shares, from 7.6% up to 8.3%. Motorola lost very little from 5.2$% to 5.1% while HTC went up to 3.8% from 3.7%.

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Facebook brings Messenger to a standalone site for web browsers

Messenger has launched as a standalone web site, but it won't be disappearing from Facebook's core site.

Messenger, Facebook's messaging platform, is now available as a standalone service on the web. In the past users had to use Facebook's website to message their friends and family, but starting today they can do so without all the extra distractions.

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Cricket introduces three new payment plans, including a rent-to-own option

New payment plans from Cricket bring flexibility to how quickly you need to pay your new device off.

Cricket Wireless previously only offered a single off-contract price for devices, but they have just introduced three new payment plans which now bring different payment options to customers. Not everyone can go out and purchase a device off-contract, and Cricket's new plans make paying for your new device much easier.

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Instagram adds Color and Fade options, available on iPhone in a few days

Instagram has announced two new features, Color and Fade, both of which will be available in an update to the iPhone and iPad app in the next few days.

As though there was any shortage of filters and options to change the look of your selfies or food pictures, Instagram has added two new options to the app. Color and Fade will be the latest additions to the app, giving you control of highlight colors and allow you to soften the overall picture.

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Swiftkey for iOS update shows just how awful you type with Tap Map

Switfkey will show users on iOS just how erratic their typing is with Tap Map, a new feature available now.

In the latest update, Swiftkey has introduced some new features to the popular custom keyboard for iOS, such as Tap Map, usage stats, and additional language support.

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Cricket Wireless begins selling prepaid GSM SIM cards on Amazon

Cricket looks to make purchasing their prepaid GSM SIM cards even easier by making it available through Amazon.

In an effort to get their SIM cards in the hands of more users, Cricket Wireless has announced that they are now working with Amazon to make the ordering process even easier. The prepaid GSM SIM kit from Cricket sells for only $9.99, which gets you one Nano SIM card, one Mini SIM card tray adapter, and one Micro SIM card tray adapter, allowing it to fit in any GSM device.

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Pac-Man chomps its way onto Google Maps for some retro-style fun

Google is usually good for some April Fools jokes, and this time they have put Pac-Man on the streets of Google Maps.

Pac-Man can be played right now on Google Maps, utilizing the streets of the map as the course. Users can play on streets of their own town on the web, or in select areas on mobile devices. Google has listed a bunch of clues of where to find Pac-Man on mobile devices, but if you want to just get down and play try searching for "Arc de Triomphe".

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Google brings your photos and files together by adding Google+ Photos to Google Drive

Google is making it even easier to keep your photos and files in the same place by adding Google+ Photos into Google Drive.

Google is now making organizing your photos and files even easier by showing your Google+ Photos in Google Drive. Over the course of the next few weeks users will be able to view images from Google+ Photos in their Drive account.

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Apple expands trade-in program to include select Android devices

Apple will begin accepting Android devices as part of their in-store trade-in program, which encourages users to leave their current smartphone for an iPhone.

Previously Apple only allowed customers to trade-in their old iPhone towards a new one, but starting today they will begin accepting Android devices as well.

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Slack launches two-factor authentication following unauthorized database access

Slack has enabled two-factor authorization for users, following unauthorized access to their database which stores user profile information.

Slack had the database which stores user profile information accessed without authorization, and to ensure account security they have rolled out two-factor authorization for all accounts. A very small number of accounts were found to be affected by suspicious activity, and Slack has already reached out to those users.

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Apple Watch sales training said to focus on the customer's style

Apple may be taking a slightly different approach to selling the Apple Watch in store than they have with any of their previous devices.

Apple is reportedly training its employees to focus on building relationships with customers and making fashion recommendations to get them the right Apple Watch. Apple employees will be going through training that will give them various examples of interactions with customers to help them decide which Apple Watch and band would be best for them.

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Twitter will soon allow specific location tagging with help from Foursquare

Twitter is working with Foursquare to turn your location from a town name to a specific location.

Users will soon be able to tag locations on Twitter with more information than just a generic location thanks to Foursquare. Previously Twitter only allowed for locations to be tagged with the name of the town you were in, which wasn't always helpful. Foursquare has a huge database of locations, and many would rather tag their tweet with an exact location than just a city or state that they happen to be in.

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Pebble announces million-dollar fund to bring smartstrap ideas to life

Pebble will put their own money in backing smartstrap ideas to help turn them into products.

When the Pebble Time Steel was announced Pebble also announced smartstraps - an open hardware accessory platform. Since then there has been a lot of buzz in the developer community about smartstraps, which allow sensors to be added right into the bands. To help these ideas grow into actual products Pebble has just announced that they are putting 1 million dollars into funding the development and support of smartstraps.

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Pebble update fixes SMS and Mail issues on iOS 8.2

A small update is now available for users who pair their Pebble with an iPhone. This update bumps the watch up to firmware version 2.9.1 which includes to bug fixes. After the iOS 8.2 update some users experienced issues with SMS and Mail notifications and both have been corrected in this update.

Much of the attention lately has been on Pebble's upcoming Pebble Time device, and the new features that it brings along with it, but that doesn't mean current generation hardware is left behind.

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