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I'd love persistent, ambient authentication in iPhone XI

People don't want Touch ID or Face ID — they just want locked-down security without having to type a passcode.

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How much do ƒ2.4 and OIS improve 'telephoto' on iPhone X? Watch and see!

When there's not enough light, iPhone X will switch from optical zoom to digital. But thanks to an all-new lens and stabilization, that switch takes longer than ever before.

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Pokémon Go Events: Here's what's next!

Pokémon Go trainers around the world have now caught over 1.7 billion Pokemon, unlocking the second reward: Double XP and Double Stardust.

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Portrait Mode: iPhone X vs. Pixel 2 XL vs. DSLR

Both iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL use computational photography to try and simulate depth of field — but how do they compare to a Canon with a fast 50 lens?

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Wow, Pixel 2 XL can't actually shoot in Portrait Mode — it does it all in post

It turns out, Pixel 2 XL can't actually shoot in Portrait Mode. By that I mean it can't render the depth effect in real time and show it to you in the preview before you capture the photo. It can only apply the effect in post.

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Pokémon Go, Ex-Raids, and Mewtwo: What you need to know!

Ex-Raids and a shot at Mewtwo should have been pure win for Pokémon Go. But after a fall of disappointment, could players finally see things set right?

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Apple Glasses: What are they and when are they being released?

Be interesting to see how, if at all directly, any of Vrvana's tech makes it into shipping Apple products.

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How to delete your Uber account

How do you not only remove the Uber app from your iPhone but delete your Uber account completely? Like this!

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Uber covered up a hack that compromised 57 million accounts

Uber was hacked. 50 million rider accounts were accessed. 7 million drive accounts as well. And Uber paid $100,000 to cover it all up.

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Animoji: The ultimate guide

How do you get started with Animoji, Animoji Karaoke, Animoji Theater, and solve any problems you might run into along the way? With this guide!

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No, iPhone 7 Plus can't take Portrait Lighting photos, but...

iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X can take Portrait Lighting photos. iPhone 7 Plus can't... but it could add and edit the effect in post.

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AirPods review: One year later

Apple cut the cords on EarPods and made them into AirPods. But, a year later, can they still be considered the future of wireless audio?

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I'd love lock screen complications in iOS 12

Complications are what I miss most when not wearing my Apple Watch, especially when I'm looking at my iPhone lock screen.

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1Password 7: The interview

Michael Fey and Matt Davey of 1Password for iPhone and iPad talk password management as a service, Face ID, and security when crossing borders.

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A brief tour of Apple Park's Visitor Center

Apple Park's iconic new Visitor Center opens to the public on November 17, 2017. And here's what it's like!

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How to download tvOS 11.2 beta 4 to your Apple TV

Installing the tvOS 11 beta is more complex than an iOS or macOS beta, but it's also for developers only.

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How to download watchOS 4.2 beta 4 to your Apple Watch

Installing a watchOS beta is more complex than an iOS or macOS beta; if you're a developer looking to test watchOS 4.2 beta 4, here's how!

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Why Apple's 'What's a computer' just rekt Microsoft's 'real computer' worldview

Microsoft's new "real computer" comments juxtaposed against Apple's new "what's a computer?" iPad ad.

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HomePod: This is Apple's Siri Speaker

While Apple originally announced it would ship HomePod in late 2017, the company has just issued a statement saying it's pushing the smart speaker to early 2018.

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