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Reminder: Check out our 'Ask Rene' Q&A forum!

Got an Apple or technology related question or just want to chat about coffee, tea or geek culture? Our new 'Ask Rene' forum is for you!

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Who Will Remember the iPhone 7?!!

A year from now, will we remember the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for all of its great features? The cameras, the water resistance, the lack of 3mm headphone jack - Is it all 'iMemorable?'

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Enter to win a new iPhone SE, iPad Pro, or Apple Watch bands!

Apple's March 2016 event may be bringing us a new iPhone, new iPad, and new Apple Watch bands. And we want to chance to give them to you!

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Timyo is on Product Hunt — up-votes welcome!

Timyo, the mail app iMore helped beta test, got posted to Product Hunt, so... up-votes welcome!

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Join iMore and Timyo as we work to fix email once and for all!

Download the Timyo App for iPhone and give it a try. Help fix email — for good!

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FotoSwipe makes sharing photos between iOS and Android a breeze

With a simple drag-and-drop, FotoSwipe allows you to share images between iOS and Android devices. All you need to make the magic happen is the FotoSwipe app on each device!

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Help us fix email (and maybe win a new iPhone in the process!)

Email sucks. There's too much of it, it never stops, and it's impossible to sort the messages you need from the ones you can ignore. But maybe we can fix it? We want to know more about where email is painful for you: take this survey and you could win $600 towards a new iPhone of your choice!

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FotoSwipe gets better looking, even easier to use

Following the recent announcement of FotoSwipe here on iMore, the developers behind the iOS/Android cross-platform photo sharing service followed up with us today to say THANK YOU. A small tribe of our forum community members were actively involved in beta testing the app — we love to see developers active in our forums — so we were happy to write up the official release of the app.

FotoSwipe let us know that in the short time since it was released, these efforts have helped them pass the milestone of one million photos being shared. There are now over 175,000 users (about a 50/50 split between iOS and Android) using FotoSwipe in 175 countries and the user base is growing fast. Since the initial release, the developers have been quick to listen to user feedback and have already released an update to FotoSwipe. The basic swipe gesture has been greatly improved, and the interface has been revamped as well. More features are on the roadmap as well, including faster sharing speeds when on Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi connections and support to share videos by swiping.

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Calling all iOS and OSX Developers: Take the Vision Mobile Developer Economics Survey and win!

If you're a developer, take this 10-minute survey and you could win some really great prizes!

It's that time of year again, and our friends at Vision Mobile need 10 minutes of your time to participate in the 8th edition of their Developer Economics Survey.

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FotoSwipe makes sharing photos between iPhone and Android devices incredibly easy

Officially released today, FotoSwipe makes it incredibly easy to share photos between iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. FotoSwipe lets you share photos by swiping your finger from one device to the other (both devices must have FotoSwipe installed). FotoSwipe isn't limited to sharing between just two devices either. Let's say you're at a party (with some friends and some strangers) and you take a group photo. Everybody has their iPhone or Android phone with them would like a copy of that photo. With FotoSwipe installed on each device, you simply bring the phones near each other with FotoSwipe open, and the person who snapped the photo can swipe it over onto each phone in rapid succession - no need to exchange email or SMS contacts. It just works.

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New Forums Feature: Embed your best from Twitter and Instagram!

Have you ever wanted to share a tweet or Instagram photo smack-dab in the middle of a forum post? If you have, today is your lucky day! We've just added a new feature to our forums that allow you to easily embed tweets or Instagram content directly into your posts.

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Contests, Coverage, and Cool Tech: What you can expect from #CESlive!

The team has arrived, the gear has been unpacked, and we're ready for #CESLive. This is our biggest year at CES yet. All totaled, we have 22 people on the ground here in Las Vegas covering the content for all our sites this week, including CrackBerry, Android Central, iMore, Windows Phone Central and the newly launched Smartwatch Fans. Aside from the usual faces, the Mobile Nations family is once again teaming up with our friends at Geek Beat: featuring podcast pioneer Cali Lewis and tech evangelist John Pozadzides. 

We'll be covering all areas of tech whether we're talking health and fitness, automotive, home technologies, smartphones, tablets and more. CES is the spot for it all and generally the spot to get a first glimpse at a lot of the cool new technologies that will soon be hitting our lives. Some will make it, others we'll never hear from again, and that's what makes it all exciting!

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Community update: Forums facelift, all-star volunteer teams, and more!

Greetings all! For those that don’t know me, I'm James Falconer, the Community Manager around here and all of Mobile Nations. I’m the guy that looks after our forums, newsletters, community events… and the list goes on :) I’m also fortunate to have the opportunity to work with our amazing volunteer teams on a daily basis. These folks are ‘the bees knees’ (as my grandma used to say), and we couldn’t do this without them.

At any rate, I’m going to be checking in with community updates from time to time, so let’s get this started, shall we?

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Highlights from the Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience

It's hard to believe it has come and gone already, but the 2013 CES Experience is over. Right from the start, we had some great events and evenings planned for the crew… keep reading for some of the highlights...

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Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience Day 3: CES + BlackBerry CEO = 1 Amazing Day!

After a night of good times, good friends and a few (maybe more) good drinks, today was the BIG day… CES baby! Our crew was raring to get down to the Las Vegas Convention Center, and even though a few had later starts than others… all made it down to the LVCC to check out the goodness (and craziness) that is CES.

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Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience Day 2: Let's Hit the Strip!

The second day of the Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience started out with a lot of sightseeing. After leaving the accommodations at the Rio, our team made it to Paris, Planet Hollywood, the Bellagio, the Cosmopolitan and Caesar's Palace…Eyes were wide and a great time was had by all.

Hit the link below for some cool photos from the day, along with a wrap up on the evening of day 2!

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Day 1 of the Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience a HUGE Success!

Thought I'd pen a quick roundup for you all this evening (or is it morning!?). Yesterday was a LONG but VERY enjoyable day here on the 2013 CES Experience. Long travels for many, a shorter distance for others… but we've all made it and we're all having a great time!

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And the Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience in Las Vegas winners are...!

Alright folks, it's time to announce the 6 lucky people that will be joining NVIDIA and Mobile Nations at CES 2013!

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the members that submitted an entry. We really appreciate all of the time and effort everyone put in, and the response was quite overwhelming.

So, getting down to business... after much debate and discussion, we have selected 6 stand out entries. These folks will join the Mobile Nations and NVIDIA crews in Las Vegas for CES 2013!

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Final Reminder: Last chance to Attend CES in Las Vegas for Free!

Have you submitted your entry to The Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience yet?! If not, you better hurry, because the entry deadline is tomorrow at 11:59 PM EST.

Remember, if you're one of the lucky selections, you'll get to join NVIDIA and Mobile Nations crew at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Your airfare, hotel and CES pass will all be taken care of. Woohoo!

What are you waiting for!? Full details here >

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Reminder: Cast Your Votes in the 2012 iMore Community Awards!

Quick reminder for everyone today, in case you missed the forums announcement opening up the 2012 iMore Community Awards for voting!

We're running the awards right now through December 21st at noon EST. If you're a regular in our forums, you'll want to head over there right now and cast your votes.

There are 8 categories to submit your input on. All you need to do is enter the username of the member you think is most deserving, and tell us a little story on WHY the person should win. If you don't have a submission for a question, no worries, you can just skip that question. Easy stuff folks.

Take a minute and cast your votes!

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