Animoiji is Apple's iPhone X-only animated emoji feature for Messages. With them, you can send a funny fox, snarky chicken, or singing panda to any and all of your contacts. Your facial features, creativity, and the (currently set to) 10-second timer are your only limits.

How to create and send Animoji

You can create and send Animoji from right inside the iPhone X Messages apps. The feature is integrated into iMessage apps and accessible from the App button. Just tap it, choose your Animoji avatar, record, and send.

How to share Animoji

You might need an iPhone X to create Animoji — yes, really — but your friends, family, and colleagues don't need one to receive them or to re-share them!

How to make Animoji Karaoke

Animoji Karaoke is really more like Animoji or dubsmash or whatever it is we're calling lipsync these days. You play some music, you move your mouth, and your iPhone X turns it into an animated emoji singing a song. It can be as simply as mouthing along to a song or as complex as a multi-layer video edit.

Animoji problems and how to fix them

You can use Animoji to send fun, sweet, salty messages to friends with your facial expressions perfectly matched to a dog, cat, unicorn, robot… even poop! At least when it works. But what do you do when your Animoji go bad? When they freeze or fail to track your face? When they skip or just plain stop?

Your Animoji questions?

Got any comments, questions, eye-rolls-so-hard about Animoji? Drop them in the comments below!

iPhone X + iPhone 8