All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

Apple Watch apps technically run from your iPhone but show up on your Apple Watch as actionable notifications, informative glances, or interactive extensions. You download them from the App Store onto your iPhone and then use then transfer them over. Once on your Apple Watch, they're conveniently available, right from your wrist.

Thousands of apps are ready and waiting, and they run the gamut from news and information to sport and leisure to education and entertainment to social networking and communication to, well, pretty much every category the App Store has to offer.


All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

Social networks have transformed over the years. While they were once a place we only depended on in order to occupy boredom or to browse casually in a waiting room, they are now a way many of us stay in contact with friends and loved ones. From tweets to direct messages and everything in between, lots of social apps are updating to make sure you stay connected, even when you can't immediately reach for your iPhone.


All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

From breaking headlines to your favorite tech stories, lots of news apps are getting updated for Apple Watch so you can be kept up to date right on your wrist. Whether you have a crazy obsession with Buzzfeed style content or you care more about politics and world issues, there is something for everyone.

While you'll still want your iPhone to casually browse news, your Apple Watch can quickly keep you in the know of any breaking news, as it happens.


All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

Are you a sports fanatic that loves to check in on your favorite teams and leagues whenever humanly possible? Sports just got a lot easier with Apple Watch.

Apps like Gametime on Apple Watch can make you aware of tickets to sporting events that might interest you, while MLB At Bat can keep you up to date on every play during the baseball game you can't sit down and watch. If you enjoy getting out on the green, apps like Golfshot or Fun Golf can help you keep score right on your wrist.

Health & Fitness

All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

One of the main reasons a lot of people are looking forward to Apple Watch is to live better. That means lots of health and fitness apps to keep us moving and to help us stay healthy. No matter what kind of activities you like, there's an Apple Watch app for that. Some of the ones already live and ready to go include apps for bikers, runners, skiers, and those that just want a quick workout.

And we're pretty sure more are hitting the App Store as we speak!


All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

From running automations to communicating with colleagues, there are already tons of productivity apps ready to go on Apple Watch. Need powerfully customizable reminders right on your wrist? Give Due a try. Want a watch where you can run endless amounts of automations just as you imagined Inspector Gadget doing when you were a kid? You definitely need Workflow.

No matter what your needs are throughout the work day, the Apple Watch makes accessing your favorite productivity tools faster than ever.

Music & Entertainment

All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

Like tv, movies, and music? So do we, and so does Apple Watch. Now you can check out movies, view showtimes for your favorite tv shows, and tons more, right on your wrist.

Ever hear a song on the radio or in a movie and you couldn't pull your iPhone out in time to launch the Shazam app and tag it? Now you can Shazam right on your wrist.

It doesn't really get much more convenient than that!

Food & Drink

All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

Make reservations frequently with OpenTable? On Apple Watch you can automatically be alerted to them so you're never late for dinner plans again. Heading through the Starbucks drive through? Go ahead and use your Starbucks card and leave a tip right on your wrist, no need to dig for your iPhone any longer. You can even use apps like Green Kitchen on your Apple Watch while cooking in the kitchen. A quick glance at your wrist will let you know exactly how much time you've got left before dinner is done.


All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

Finance apps on the Apple Watch can keep you up to date on your finances quickly and easily. Whether you're trying to stay on budget and want alerts when you're fast approaching a limit or you need invoices for your small business on your wrist, Apple Watch apps can help you with both.


All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

App Store apps such as Dark Sky and AccuWeather have been letting us know of impending weather conditions on our iPhones for years. Now some of that information can be had right on your Apple Watch. Want instant notifications for rain and severe weather? Check out Dark Sky. Or if you prefer a weather app with a cunning and snarky sense of humor, CARROT Weather may be more your style.

No matter what your weather needs are, Apple Watch will help you stay on top of looming weather at just a glance.


All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

If you've ever carried bags and luggage through a crowded airport only to have to drop them all in order to dig for a boarding pass, or for the email you stored your itinerary in on your iPhone, you already know of some of the frustrations we all face while getting from place to place.

From boarding passes to being notified when your next Uber is about to arrive, traveling doesn't have to be hard work. Apps like Loungebuddy can even help you find airport lounges to kick back in between flights, all from your wrist. Whether you're on the ground or in the skies, there's no doubt these Apple Watch apps will make getting around the globe much less of a hassle.


All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

From passwords to calculators, lots of Apple Watch apps are popping up that make performing simple tasks even easier. Whether you need to perform a basic math calculation with WDGTS or you need to pull in a password from 1Password, lots of utility apps are being updated to support Apple Watch. You can even monitor your cellular data right on your wrist, thanks to apps like DataMan Next.

More apps!

If you've found any awesome Apple Watch apps you think should be added to the list, be sure to let us know in the comments! And make sure to check back regularly as we'll be updated this list as we find even more Apple Watch ready apps!

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