Typo 2 resurrects the iPhone keyboard case, looks a bit less like a BlackBerry

Typo is back, and less like a BlackBerry

As if the original Typo keyboard wasn't enough, a new version of everyone's favorite iPhone accessory is now available for pre-order. The $99 Typo 2 — while very similar to it's older brother — has been remastered and redesigned with some new features, hoping to steer clear of any lawsuits this time around.

The Typo 2 features Typo smart typing (auto capitalization and the like), a backlit keyboard, lock key and even a battery indicator. The keyboard is a bit different than the previous version as well, obviously due to some harsh feedback from their "design inspiration" at BlackBerry.

You can pre-order the Typo 2 (which appears to be only for the iPhone 5/5s) now for just $99, with orders expected to start shipping in September.

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Typo 2 resurrects the iPhone keyboard case, looks a bit less like a BlackBerry


I can see the iPhone being top heavy while holding with this. It makes the phone look ridiculously long. I see the attraction though, I've flitted between iPhones and BlackBerrys for a while. Eventually, I always go back to BlackBerry and always for the keyboard...

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I'm sure it's a nice accessory, but it makes the iPhone look too long. Maybe if they come out with one for the iPhone 6, it will look better...

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

This is a completely stupid and pointless device! It makes the iPhone look terrible. I hope these fail like the first one.

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Just get a BlackBerry and enjoy a real keyboard, battery life, unrestricted Web browsing, android and blackberry apps, and be free from the shackles of apple and iTunes.

Love this, but battery life is so bad on iphone that I can't give up my Mophie case! If it charged my phone like Mophie... sold!

Size doesn't surprise me with things out like the mophie juice pack lineup that gives all iPhones double chins already. But covering TouchID is a big mistake. Even without TouchID it takes away the home button functionality! Even with the fact you can remove the keyboard on top. But you have to carry around another piece then. Also I kind of believed with the lawsuit the production got shut down. I even though its main backer, Ryan Seacrests, disowns the company now. With the lawsuit and loss of functionality.