Pokémon Go: The Ultimate Guide

How do you get started, find and catch Pokémon, evolve and power up for Gyms, get Gen 2, troubleshoot, and more? Here's everything you need to know!

Take location-based gaming, add augmented reality, and mix in characters so beloved they shaped a generation, and what do you get? Pokémon Go! As the name suggests, it takes the Pokémon characters and places them in the real world so you can catch, hatch, and evolve them on the go. Playable on both iOS and Android, alone or with family and friends, it's become a phenomenon — and it remains incredibly fun.

Whether you're just starting, trying to take your training to the next level, or been playing for. a while and looking for new challenges, this is the guide for you! Here's everything you need to know about Pokémon Go!

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How do you get started with Pokémon Go?

Beginner's guide: How to play Pokémon Go!

If you're brand new and have never played Pokémon Go before, getting started is easy. All you have to do is create an account. You can use a Pokémon account or you can sign in with a Google Account. If you don't want to share your primary Google Account — including your Gmail, Google Docs, and more — with Pokémon Go, you can create a secondary account exclusively to use with the game.

Once you're done, you create your character, called a "trainer" and customize her or him — at least a little bit — to represent you or any image you want to portray in the Pokémon Go world. Then you can start playing!

Need help getting signed in, suited up, and started with catching Pokémon, using the menu, dropping Incense and Lures, and all the other basics? Here you go:

Pokémon Go Beginner's Guide: How to get started with Pokémon Go!

What Pokémon Go tips, tricks, and cheats do you need to know?

Best Pokémon Go tips and tricks to really catch 'em all! [Updated!]

I've been playing Pokémon Go since launch day. I'm currently level 36, have completed my Gen 1 North American Pokédex and almost completed my Gen 2 Pokédex and medals. Over the last many months, levels, events, and encounters, I've picked up a few tips and tricks that have helped me immensely. It's the stuff I know now that I wish I knew back when I started. Heck, I wish I knew some of it back when I hit level 30!

And... there are also some cheats. They're not how some people want to play, but they include precisely measuring stats, scanning and tracking beyond the legal limits, sneaking in extra evolutions, bubble-boosting Gyms, and getting around the speed lock.

Pokémon Go tips and tricks you need to know!

Pokémon Go cheats that really work

How do you find and catch rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

How to catch rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go [Updated!]

Before you can catch any 'mons in Pokémon Go, you first have to find them. And that can be easier said then done, especially for rare Pokémon like Tyranitar, Snorlax, Dragonite, Lapras, Blissey, Amphoros, and Muk. Some Pokémon are also considerably harder to catch than others. There are catch rates, flee rates, levels, bonuses, and more to consider.

How to find rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go

How to catch rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go!

How do you hatch eggs in Pokémon Go?

Best way to hatch Pokémon Go eggs fast! [Updated]

Pokémon Eggs are different than the Lucky Eggs you get when you reach a significant new level or buy at the Shop. You can't buy Pokémon Eggs at all — You have to collect them at PokéStops. Spin the stop and there's a roughly 20% chance you'll get a Pokémon Egg along with the more common balls, potions, and revives. Of those eggs, some will be 2 KM, 5 KM, or 10 KM, referencing how far you need to walk to hatch them. And of those eggs, some will be common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare.

How Pokémon Go Eggs work and how hatch 'em faster

Which Pokémon should you evolve and which should you power up?

When you catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you get candy and Stardust that you can use to evolve them and power them up. But which Pokémon should you evolve and power up? That's the question! If you have favorites, especially favorites from your childhood, then by all means, go for those. If you want to evolve the very best Pokémon to use for defending or attacking Gyms, though, then these should be your go-tos.

Best Pokémon to evolve and power up for Gyms

Best Pokémon Go movesets for attack and defense

What are Pokémon Go events and what do you need to know about them?

Pokémon Go Events: Here's what's next!

One of the ways Pokémon Go tries to bolster activity is with events. Some of the events get splashy announcements and coincide with big public holidays. Others are quieter and more regular.

So far, events have only ever been announced a couple of days in advanced. Still, based on past events we can make some good guesses about future events, and we can also keep track of the behind-the-scenes events that don't get announced.

Pokémon Go Events: Here's what's next!

What about Gen 2 Pokémon? How do you catch 'em all — again?

How to evolve Togetic in Pokémon Go right now!

Pokémon Go Gen 2 is here and there are almost 100 new Pokémon to catch, hatch, and evolve from the Johto Region in Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games. There are also new evolution items and other dynamics to make the game even more exciting — and frustrating!

Pokémon Go Gen 2: The ultimate guide!

Bottom line, how do you win Pokémon Go?

How to win Pokémon Go: Get to level 40, complete your Pokédex, own Gyms, and more!

A level 40 trainer with a complete Pokédex, every medal at gold, all the candies needed to evolve Gen 2, and maxed out Pokémon on 10 Gyms or more is simply a brand new, Level 1 trainer who never quit. Or so that saying goes. Realistically, though, between official events and the introduction of new Pokémon, it can sometimes be tough to stay motivated and think of cool things to do. Luckily, Pokémon Go provides several ways to "win", and with a little creativity, you can easily make several more all your own!

How to win Pokémon Go: Get to level 40, complete your Pokédex, own Gyms, and more!

Help! Pokémon Go isn't working! How do you fix it?

Best Apple Watch face for Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a lot of fun but it's not without its frustrations. Servers go down, Gyms glitch out, PokéStops stop spinning, everything disappears, and the list goes on and on. It happens on your phone and, if you have an Apple Watch, it happens there as well. Troubleshooting isn't always easy but it is possible. If you're experiencing any grief, here's what you can do!

How to fix Pokémon Go problems on your phone

How to fix Pokémon Go problems on your Apple Watch

Any Pokémon Go questions?

We've done our best to cover Pokémon Go from Abra to Zubat — okay, Bulbasaur to Dragonite! — but if there are any questions we didn't answer, drop them in the comments below!