Steve Jobs Pitches the iPad to BBC's Dragons Den [Friday fun video]

What would it have been like if Steve Jobs had pitched the iPad to The Dragons on BBC's Dragons Den?

The sketch was seen as part of the BBC's 2010 Unwrapped with Miranda Hart - a comical review on some of the big stories of 2010.

See the video after the break!

George Lim

Writer for iMore, YouTube Vlogger, and Host for [TEChBrits]

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There are 14 comments. Add yours.

Luis says:

Totally hated the "See the video after the break!" but the click was worth it

Gregz0r says:

Good video. Jobs could probably buy all three out, several times over, with the metaphorical loose change in his pocket, though.

phoo on u says:

well we know one thing, the dragons suck and simply don't know jack!- since steve made a bazillion dollars on it lol and has taken over the market as a whole.

Ilovegeorgia says:

It's funny they dissed the ipad before they got to see what it did. Then when it took off i bet they felt like idiots and they probably bought ipads themselves lol.

FLskydiver says:

Do you people not get that it is a joke?

Geo Coldz says:

Great editing to get this to happen!

Ilovegeorgia says:

lmao i missed something haha but they made it look so real haha. That was great.

ChefStephen says:

This was great editing. I love watching the show so this was just brilliant.

tuscanidream says:

Lol It's funny because I consider the iPad a success, with even more room to grow.

Hung Well says:

I think the funniest part is the readers of this site who thought it was real. Duh.

Gothica says:

Funny.. but the best part is how dumb they all look by passing on something like the iPad. For that reason I give it only two stars. Had they picked something like Ping or ... well thats about all Apple has that seems like it could fail so yea... maybe Microsoft should have been in there instead.

Gothica says:

BTW: Hung Well... I think they got it, you didn't... fail