Five must have accessories for new Apple Watch owners

Now that you have an Apple Watch, it's time to accessorize!

Welcome to Apple Watch ownership! Your Watch is capable of some pretty amazing stuff, and the more you discover, the more you'll want to accessorize, protect, and just plain use it.

The Apple Watch is a significant investment, and anything you add to it should not only be high quality, but helpful in your everyday use of the Watch.

If you're new to the Apple Watch, here are the five accessories we know you're going to need!

Extra Bands

You're going to want to change the overall look of your Watch as time goes by. Swapping out the band is the perfect way to achieve an entirely different look and feel. Some bands are perfect for everyday running around, some are ideal for workouts, and some are designed to get some attention. In any case, one band will never be enough.

Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch band colors

Apple has considered nearly every style and material you could want for new Watch bands. Sweatproof bands made for the gym, nylon bands for daily wear, and stainless steel links are just the beginning of your options. Prices range from reasonably low to more than you paid for the Watch, so whatever your style, it's there to find.

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Casetify Apple Watch Bands

Casetify Candy Feathers watch band

If you're looking to be completely original, and you want a one-of-a-kind design that no one else on Earth will have, you need to have a look at Casetify. You can upload photos and designs of your own and have them made into unique Watch bands. Pour through your photo albums on social media and pick the ones that you'd love to wear. Casetify will make it happen.

Alternatively, you can shop their carefully curated selection of designs from artists all over the world. They are stunning, trust us. Welcome to your new online shopping addiction.

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Clockwork Synergy Apple Watch Bands

Clockwork Synergy offers a variety of high-quality Apple Watch bands at affordable prices. That includes Classic NATO, Heavy NATO, Croco Leather, Divers Silicone, Lizard Leather, Nylon Leather, Dapper, Premium Silicone, Rally Leather, and standard Silicone. If you want to add some variety to your Apple Watch game, at Clockwork Synergy prices you can do just that without braking the bank.

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At the end of a long day, your Apple Watch deserves a comfy and safe place to rest. You don't want to be scrambling around the house trying to find it on your way out the door, and you certainly don't want to accidentally knock it off of the nightstand when turning off an alarm in the dark. Investing in a stand will make everything easier — trust us.

Elevation Lab NightStand for Apple Watch

Elevation nightstand for Apple Watch

The name says it all, doesn't it? This small, silicone stand from Apple suctions onto flat surfaces so that it won't be knocked down. It's also low-profile, so it won't take up much bedside real estate. A slot at the back holds your charging cable in place and out of the way.

The simple color assortment will match your Watch, or even your room decor. The stand also travels well, so even in a new space you'll be able to keep your Watch safely at hand in a convenient place.

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Twelve South Forte

Twelve South Forte stand

The leather base and minimalist design is the perfect compliment to your favorite new wrist accessory. No matter where you put it — be it your night stand or prominently in the living room — this offering from Twelve South is a gorgeous, luxury display piece. From just the right angle, your Apple Watch looks like it's floating. How beautiful is that?

The base of the stand is weighted so that you can easily remove your Watch with one hand. The charging cable plugs into the back of the base so it remains out of the way and virtually invisible. If you want to treat yourself to something that will truly showcase your Apple Watch, Twelve South's stand is perfect for you.

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Orzly Ultimate Pack for Apple Watch

Orzly nightstand and covers

How about a stand that comes with a bonus must-have? We love this pack from Orzly, that has a weighted stand for the Watch, and 20 face plates in a massive selection of colors. The stand is heavy enough to withstand your morning grappling for the Watch when it's time to turn off the alarm, and small enough to take up no room at all.

The face plates are just plain fun. Now your Watch will match every outfit. Choose a new plate to match a fancy outfit for a formal occasion, or have some fun with vibrant neons when you're out with friends.

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Screen Protectors

Apple Watch—the stainless steel and Edition versions—have sapphire screens. The Sport version, ion-strengthend glass, which is not as strong. At to that how exposed the Apple Watch is on your wrist all day, every day, and it might make a screen protector seem like a smart investment.

SUPTECH Tempered Glass Screen Protector (38mm and 42mm)

SUPTECH tempered glass protector

The screen protectors from SUPTECH are designed to match your Apple Watch in color, as well as size. The rounded edges fit seamlessly onto the face of your Watch, preventing dust and dirt from damaging the screen. You're going to be touching your Watch constantly (especially at first) so it's important to invest in a protector that also resists any sweat or residue that may be on your hands. The SUPTECH protector does just that.

These protectors were some of the first on the market when the Apple Watch was launched, and they have remained a favorite with owners for a good reason.

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LUVVITT Clarity Flexible Tempered Glass Protector (38mm and 42mm)

LUVVITT tempered glass protector and case

An alternative screen protector from LUVVITT comes in two pieces: a clear case to surround the face of the Watch, and a separate screen protector. Fans of this brand love that the original look of the Watch isn't compromised, and there's no need to worry about color coordinating or clashing.

Don't let looks deceive you: LUVVITT's case won't add any extra bulk to your watch. The flexible TPU case is virtually invisible and weightless. You'll still need to do what you can to avoid major hits or drops, but the protector is well-reviewed, especially among wearers who often forget to take off the Watch when they start dirty or heavy duty work.

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Travel Cases

You're likely not going to wear your Apple Watch every moment of every day. Sometimes you're going to need a safe place to put it in your gym bag, or your carry on. The sooner you get your hands on a quality travel case, the better you'll feel about hitting the road. Or the air.

TimePorter for Apple Watch

TimePorter Apple Watch travel case

Taking your Apple Watch wherever you go means having to take a bunch of necessary accessories along with you as well. TimePorter from Twelve South helps you carry all your Apple Watch odds and ends and even acts as a charging stand once you get where you're going.

Your extra-long charging cable wraps neatly inside the case, with room to spare for a second Watch band. Your USB adapter also fits inside, so it won't disappear somewhere at the bottom of your carry on bag. Available in black or white, it matches every Watch perfectly. The case is made of a vegan-friendly synthetic leather that's soft, durable, and stylish.

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WaterField Time Travel Case

WaterField Time Travel case

If you need a travel case that holds every last accessory, this beauty from WaterField is for you. It holds your Apple Watch, charging cable, ear buds, and an extra band. The padded pockets keep everything snug and safe. We've been fans of WaterField's designs for some time now, and this case is another great example of their craftsmanship.

The cases are available in leather or ballistic nylon, so you know whichever one you choose is going to stand the test of time and hold up to wear and tear. Your Watch is stylish, and it should be kept in style, even when it's not on your wrist.

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CASEBUDi Watch Travel Case

CASEBUDi travel case

A round case alternative for the Apple Watch, the CASEBUDi will keep your Watch and band free from harm. The nylon exterior and soft interior are ideal for travel. The zipper never comes into contact with the face of the Watch, and it stays closed.

The travel case is available in black or pink, and it's a cost effective alternative if you're looking for quality, durability, and protection.

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Bluetooth Headphones

On your morning commute, your evening jog, or your lunch break, a pair of headphones will let your Watch play you the perfect soundtrack for your mood and moment. There are a number of models available, and headphones can be a tricky purchase, so we're running down two options for you to consider.

Apple AirPods

They're hard to find in stock, but if you don't mind waiting a while, Apple's AirPods bring you amazing integration in a teeny, tiny package. They're Bluetooth, of course, but thanks to Apple's W1 chip they pair incredibly easily and switch from iPhone to Watch — and iPad to Mac, if you have them — almost automagically.

Each pod carries 5 hours of charge and the case, which recharges them, holds 24 hours.

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Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird bluetooth headphones

For the athlete, the Jaybird headphones are popular and well-reviewed. They come with a lifetime sweatproof warranty, and up to eight hours of life. Be as active as you like, they won't slip out or cause any irritation.

They're available in a wide range of colors, and come with their own carrying case, charging cable, and silicone ear tips.

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Ecandy Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Ecandy bluetooth headphones

A less expensive and popular option for bluetooth headphones comes from Ecandy. With up to six hours of play and talk time, they stay put when your workout gets intense. The ear gels are medical grade silicone, built for comfort and safety.

Available in a selection of vibrant colors (so you'll never misplace them), the Ecandy headphones come with extra ear bud covers and a user manual, just in case you need them.

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What do you think?

Are you a new Apple Watch owner? If you've found accessories you just can't do without, let me know in the comments!