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Quick App: Whack It: Frogs for the iPhone

Patrik Aronsson let us know that MadInSweden has released their first iPhone game, Whack It: Frogs, intended to deliver a high level of graphics, music, and sound enjoyment. Why target the iPhone? According to Patrik:

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Black Friday Sales = App Discounts!

Well, not strictly speaking, as some Apps are being discounted for more than just the day, and others have even gone up in price, but if you check out sites like AppShopper's Price Tracker, you can see that some bargains are to be had!

Some deals are sure sweeter than what Apple Retail is offering off the iPhone (nothing!) and iPod Touch (a tiny bit!).

I might just pick up BeeJive for $9. If you find any sweet App deals, or any great deals on iPhone/iPod Touch outside Apple, please let us know in the comments!

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Forum Review: Aurora Feint 1: The Beginning for the iPhone

Aurora Feint Forum Review by cjvitek (For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum!

[Ed- Aurora Feint 1: The Beginning, is FREE in the iTunes store. Aurora Feint 2: The Arena is now available for $7.99 and if you head on over to the forum, and ask Chris and Matt, we might just get a review up for that soon too! Meanwhile, here's Chris' review of the original to whet everyone's appetite!]

This is an extremely interesting game that tries to combine elements of a puzzle game with elements of an RPG game.

You start with a map screen. From there, you can go to the mine (the puzzle game), the store (to use your tiles for skills or tools), the smith (to actually obtain the tools), and the tower (to actually learn the skills). You need to start with the puzzle game, and once you start to gain levels and tile,s you can move to the other areas.

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Quick App: Movie Challenge for the iPhone

Conor sent us a note about the new game from Redwind Software. They're coming from a .Net background, and this is their first attempt at Cocoa Touch and the iPhone, and it seems from the video they're embracing the differences whole heartedly!

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Crosswords vs 2 Across: iPhone App vs. App

I love me some crossword puzzles. You can keep your silly Sudoku, I played enough logic games getting my philosophy major from a department that didn't go for them crazy postmodern language games (seriously, the folks at St. Thomas love them some logic). I love having crosswords on my smartphone because it's the perfect 'quick game' app: you can spend two minutes or twenty on them, there's many new and free ones available every day, and they fend off cognitive decline in old age (Seriously, speaking of Catholics, look into the "nun study").

Anyway, point is I want my crossword puzzle app to be awesome. So this week's App vs. App is crosswords. Today's contestants: 2 Across (1.2.2) by Eliza Block and Crosswords (1.13) by Stand Alone, Inc. Which one will better serve your word-puzzle fetish? Read on!

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Quick App: WaKi SNAP! for the iPhone

Nelson wrote in to tell us a little about WaKi SNAP!, a new game now available in the iTunes App Store:

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'Uno' for the iPhone Now Available in App Store!

Fans of the classic card game, Uno, rejoice... the game is now for sale in the App Store! Gameloft brings us Uno in all of it's glory along with a multiplayer mode! (Online via 3G or WiFi)

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Quick App: Arcade Hoops for the iPhone

Mark wrote in to tell us about Arcade Hoops, and was gracious enough to share some great info:

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Quick App: Truco for the iPhone

Developer Gonzalo Oxenford wrote in to let us know the story behind Truco, a South American card game for the iPhone. These are the types of developers that make us so excited about the future of the platform!

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Quick App: LaserLink for the iPhone


The realtechVR team has released their first iPhone game, Laserlink:

Become the Master of the lasers with LaserLink, and recover every diamonds in each level. Create junctions to allow generating a laser between two points of connection of color in order to recover the diamonds ones.

If you're interested in puzzlers, let us know what you think!

(Thanks to genevois for the tip!)


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