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Quick Apps: Shards and Hedronism for the iPhone

John Welch wrote in to let us know about Shards and Hedonism. Shards also has a free demo lite version, Shardsette available via the App Store.

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Tetris Gets Another App Pulled: Only 5 Hours to Get Your Shaker On!

Brian passed on this tip from Kevin Doel. Looks like Tetris is being ever-zealous in broadly defending their "look and feel" trademarks:

Phunkware's Shaker game is being pulled from the market in about 5 hours. The Tetris Company contacted Apple claiming the game is too close to Tetris for comfort.

If this is legit, and you read this post in time, and the FREE game at all interests you, walk -- don't run -- to the App Store and grab Shaker now!

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TiPb GRAND PRIX: Grand Champion and Grand Prize Winners!

There are now over 3000 apps in the App Store, many of them games, and many of the games are… racers? Yup, sure seems that way. A half dozen or so at least, and more on the way. How’s a gamer to decide? Simple, the TiPb GRAND PRIX!

Once a week for the last few weeks we reviewed 2 racing games head-to-head and app-vs-app. Based on our review scores, we picked the winner… and one of you, our readers, won the winning app! The winner of last week's winning App, Moto Chaser, is:

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Rock Out With Nine Inch Nails On Your iPhone

I am a big music lover and I hold a special place in my heart for Trent Reznor's music. Nine Inch Nails has been one of my favorite bands since freshman year in high school (when nobody really knew who Trent Reznor was, let alone Nine Inch Nails). This is an iPhone dedicated web site so why am I telling you this? Well you will soon be able to rock out to Nine Inch Nails right on your iPhone... Tap Tap Revenge Style!. (iTunes link)

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iPhone App Avalanche 11: Thumbtacts, TapeMe, iExchange, and Aqua


It's time for App Avalanche 11, and this week we're shaking things up a bit over here at TiPb. Given the App Store is truly an avalanche of apps with more piling up each day, it's just about impossible to keep up. Instead, we'll present to you what's Good, Better and Best in the App Store according to what reviewers have said -- folks just like you and me who downloaded the app, tried it out, and gave it 1 to 5 stars. We're also going to throw in a CrApp -- an app that just seems to stink to high heaven. Let's get started after the break!

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iPhone Gaming: Block Breaker Deluxe Developers Speak!

iPhone App Avalanche 10

Not sure if you've checked lately, but the App Store is ever-growing! So far more than 100 apps have been featured on the App Avalanche, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Time to dive in for another app-stravaganza with iPhone App Avalanche 10!

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Trism Developer Clears $250K Since App Store Launch

Daring Fireball points to this Twitter from Raven Zachary as a reason why developers will put up with Apple's capricious and communication-challenged App Store:

Trism, the $5 gravity/tilt-assisted iPhone puzzle game by Steve Demeter, has made $250,000 since July 11.

We're pointing to DF because they're right.

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Apple and Video Games: Should Sony and Nintendo be Worried?

For the last two weeks we here at TiPb have been taking a deeper look into Apple's "Game On" push. Can anyone really doubt Steve Jobs is trying to make the iPhone/iPod Touch into the next big portable gaming device? Stop and think about it, he took the idea of a portable MP3 player and made it into a device that has dominated the music business ever since. Now, according to Jobsy, "you could make a pretty good argument [the iPhone is] the best portable device for playing games on."

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Review: Spore Origins for iPhone

(Not one, but two premiere game reviews on TiPb today. If you haven't already checked out the review of The Force Unleashed for the iPhone, go get your Star Wars on)

Given all the hype these past couple of weeks -- heck, these past couple of years -- you probably don't need much introduction to Spore, so we'll keep it quick. Spore is a game about evolution that works via a little intelligent design: you start out as a helpless, single-cell organism and work your way up the food chain. On the console and PC versions of the game, this eventually leads you to intergalactic conquest.

In Spore Origins for the iPhone ($9.99 at iTunes), that process is scaled back quite a bit. Over the course of 30 levels you stay pretty much at the single-cell level, adding various eyeballs, feelers, spikes, and the like as you tilt your way through the primordial sea, gobbling up smaller creatures and avoiding the larger ones.

We at TiPb have been waiting for Spore ever since it was announced. Heck, we were hoping it would come to the iPhone well before that. Does it live up to our expectations? Read on...

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