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iPhone Pwns Indie Gaming?

Apple's made a point to highlight gaming on the iPhone and iPod touch (the so-called funnest iPod ever), and six-months in, games still routinely dominate the App Store Top Ten lists. But what about outside the Apple ecosystem? How are iPhone/iPod touch games doing in the greater gaming 'verse? TUAW lets us know:

the iPhone more or less owns the finalist list for the 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile category. 11 of the 14 contestants aren't on the Nintendo DS or PSP -- they're built and played on the iPhone and the iPod touch.

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Apps for Less: Wanted Poster Maker, MINI Liquid Assets, Falling Balls

Today we are trying something a little different; usually we like to bring you some worthy apps that have recently dropped in price or are currently on sale. Well for today's edition we are bringing you some apps to check out that are completely free.

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Forum Review: Illuminations for the iPhone

Illuminations Forum Review by msbaylor. (Visit the thread for video and more pics. For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum!

Illuminations is developed by Killer Robots and is an interesting shoot-em-up type game. It is based around the idea of a firework show. You have to shoot rockets that come up from the bottom of the screen in order to make them explode, if you miss too many, then the show is over for you. You also might find enemies that might spawn at random to keep you from “giving a good show,” these also must be eliminated (and added to the show).

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Quick App: Black Out for the iPhone

Black Out by 1026 Development is an iPhone homage to the classic Tiger handheld puzzle game, where your goal is to turn all the lights off, even as every light to touch switches all the lights around it. Why Black Out and why for the iPhone? Said developer Jeremy Curcio:

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Forum Review: Monopoly - Here and Now Edition for the iPhone

Monopoly - Here and Now Edition Forum Review by cjvitek For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum!

Monopoly is a classic game, and it was just a matter of time until it appeared on the iPhone. I remember playing this in the summers with my sister when we were out of school. We would get games that lasted months as we would finally run out of money in the bank!

So finally Monopoly comes to the iPhone! The game is visually appealing, and is based on the Monopoly: Here and Now version with updated locations, dollars amount, and random cards. There is a lot of animation in the game, including rolling the dice, moving the pieces, and various cut scenes while running the app. That graphics are nicely done, and there was only a little stutter now and then with the animation sequences.

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Joz on Gaming: Head of iPhone Marketing on the App Store, SDK, and More

Apple's VP of iPhone and iPod Marketing, Greg "Joz" Joswiack, chatted with the UK's Edge Online about all things iPhone (and iPod touch!) gaming, and he once again shows us the power of perspective. While some might find the iPhone SDK limiting in terms of Apple's tight control and opaque approval process, Joz argues that, in some ways, its far more open than gaming handsets:

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Quick App: Warcraft Characters

Here we have Gathorc, Dwarf Paladin from the Skullcrusher server (Gathorc gives a big shout-out to Guild Benevolent!). Sure, he's one of those annoying Alliance toons, but nevertheless to our eyes he's definitely got some bragging rights: getting exalted with Stormpike takes some serious grinding time, maxing out Herbalism is nothing to sniff at, and check out the list-o-purple, below!

If you have no idea what the previous paragraph is getting at, move along, nothing to see here. If you're proud of your World of Warcraft Toon and want to be able to show it off on the go, might we recommend our favorite of the iPhone WoW apps, Warcraft Characters (iTunes link, Free).

You can search by character name without having to specify your server, get full views of Basic info, Stats, Combat Stats, Gear, and Reputation, and of course save your favorites to more easily show them off.

Because, honestly, we know that you can't stop thinking about WoW and are going to bring it up the next time we're out -- you may as well have the ability to explain why in the name of the Earthmother you spec'd your Tauren Hunter Marksman instead of Beastmaster. Seriously, don't you read BigRedKitty?

Small gallery after the break!

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Apps for Less: Brothers in Arms, UNO, YAHTZEE Adventures, MONOPOLY

Today TiPb presents to you a special gaming edition of Apps for Less. The following games could go well with the custom TiPb Element Liquid Cases that we are giving away!

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Forum Review: Topple for the iPhone

Topple Forum Review by cjvitek For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum!

Game time! Topple is a quick, tower building game that is theoretically simple yet surprisingly addictive.

The goal of Topple is simple - build a tower to a goal line without having it fall down.

Sounds simple enough...especially in the first few levels when you have pieces that look like they belong in Tetris. However, as the levels progress, the pieces get more and more complex - including small octagonal pieces, pieces that have triangular sides, etc. Added is the fact that as your progress, the "base" upon which you build your tower is no longer flat, and the goal line is farther away.

Well, suffice to say, I found myself yelling at my iPhone a few times..."No, no, lean this way, no, don't fall!!......$%@#$". I got a few strange looks.

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Forum Review: Bugz for the iPhone

Bugz by msbaylor. (Visit the thread for video and more pics. For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum!

Bugz has to be one of the most entertaining games I’ve played (and really the only one I’ve completed all the levels on).

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