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Apple reportedly interested in NAND flash memory company Anobit

Anobit, a company that makes NAND flash memory -- the kind used extensively in everything from iPhones to iPads to MacBook Airs -- is apparently in Apple's acquisition radar of Apple. According to TechCrunch, the price could even be in the $400 - 500 million range.

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Rumor: Apple launching 2880 x 1800 Retina display MacBook Pro next year?

Randomly accurate rumor site Digitimes is reporting that Apple may have some MacBook Pro's launching with 2880 x 1800 resolution Retina displays in Q2 2012.

While anything from Digitimes needs to be taken with a MacBook sized grain of salt, Apple has been slowly building towards higher resolution displays for a long time, so this isn't exactly earth-shattering rumor stuff here.

No mention as to which models will receive the upgrade or whether or not they'll beat the oft-rumored [iPad 3](http:

Source: Digitimes

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Google releases Currents, a user-friendly news reader

Google has just released Currents, their post-Flipboard take on the news reader, which brings your favorite RSS feeds, video streams, public Google + posts together with over 150 publishing partners. Reading content in Google Currents is just as easy, if not easier than viewing it all over the web, and it is free.

Unfortunately it is only available in the US, so not everyone can take part in it just yet.

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Twitter for iPhone gets updated, new design comes along with it

Twitter had begun rolling out a massive new design overhaul focused on consistency, which calling #letsfly, and is available now in a freshly updated Twitter for iPhone.

The #letsfly update aims to make your Twitter experience faster and simpler. Your main timeline is now called "Home" and your mentions are now "Connect" and they added a quick way to access hash tags and searches which is called "Discover". It certainly does look fresh and clean, and may be more accessible to new users.

On the down side, Direct Messages (DM's) have been buried under the "Me" tab, as has account switching. (Though you can swipe up to get DM's and left to switch accounts, slightly speeding up the process.)

Notably, this is the first major update since Loren Brichter -- the innovative developer behind the original Twitter for iPhone and Mac (called Tweetie before it was bought out) and iPad -- left Twitter a short time ago.

The #letsfly update for Twitter for iPhone is available now in the App Store.

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Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition on its way to mobile devices Dec 15

Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition will hit the iPhone and iPad App Store on Dec 15 for a rather low price of $4.99. Unfortunately it will only run on the iPhone 4 and 4S, the iPad 1  and 2, and the fourth generation iPod touch.

Video below. Note: Due to the content, YouTube will probably ask you to log in and verify your age before letting you watch.

Source: Rockstar Games

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Adult star Jesse Jane's purse gets stolen, uses iCloud to find the culprits

Adult star Jesse Jane took to Twitter to let everyone know her purse -- including her iPhone -- was stolen, and that she was going to use iCloud and Find my iPhone to hunt it down!

After tracking the phone to Hollywood, she took some guys with her and went to get her stuff back from the people who stole it.

Don't mess with the power of technology!

Source: @JesseJane

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Why is Siri in beta?

Why was Siri, the iPhone 4S intelligent assistant, launched as a beta, something very unusual for Apple? Benoit Maison published a blog post which might just explain the reason.

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Grand Central Apple Store location set to open on Dec 9

The highly anticipated Grand Central Apple Store will be opening the doors this coming Friday, Dec 9. This location will be Apple's fifth store in Manhattan and filled with 315 employees, and various different rooms for services like personal set up, and personal training customers are sure to receive nothing but the best service. Will you be heading out to the grand opening?

Source: Apple

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BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod touch coming Dec 8

On December 8, the BBC iPlayer app for iPad is expanding to add support for the whole iOS family, including the iPhone and iPod touch. Bringing both current and classic content to iOS devices, the BBC iPlayer application is currently available in 16 countries for a flat subscription fee. Jane Bennett from BBC had the following to say

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iPad Mini and 4-inch iPhone 5 rumors surfacing again

An iPad with a smaller display, and an iPhone with a larger display may sound like familiar rumors by now, but Korean Times says an "industry insider" approached them with some new details about them, specifically that LG had been contracted to work on them.

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Long lost Steve Jobs interview to be making its way to theaters soon?

The once lost footage of Steve Jobs' 70 minute Triumph of the Nerds interview have been found in London, restored and enhanced, and is soon to be making its way to the big screen.

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Apple gives most top executives a $60 million bonus

Apple has awarded most of their top executives a $60 million bonus this year. Apple didn't just go and deposit $60 million into each of their accounts, instead they awarded each top executive 150,000 shares. 50% of the shares will be vested on June 21, 2013, and the rest in March 2016. Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling said that the executives are extremely talented and dedicated to their work, and that this is a way to continue to reward them down the road for their hard work. Check out the full details by employee below.

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Apple's VP of Global Security no longer with Apple after the lost iPhone 4S investigation

VP of Global Security, John Theriault's career with Apple has come to an end. No one's talking, but with yet another iPhone going missing in a bar, and the strange police-did/didn't-assist investigation into the investigation that took place, the timing doesn't come as a huge surprise .

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LifeProof case for the iPhone 4S review [giveaway]

While at the most recent Show Stoppers event, I had the opportunity to check out the LifeProof case for iPhone 4S (and iPhone 4). Protection is always key for any of our beloved electronics, and whether you are a mountain biker, a swim lover, or a karate king trying to keep your iPhone protected while doing your favorite event is a struggle -- until you meet LifeProof. The folks at LifeProof have spent a lot of time (over two years) designing this case, and a whole lot of money (over two million dollars) into making sure that their product was the best to hit the market.

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