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All Articles by Cella Lao Rousseau

How to upload Live Photos to Instagram

While Live Photos really are an amazing feature iPhones and iPads have, posting them is a whole lot different than watching them on your phone. If you’re going to post a Live photo on Instagram, it’ll post as just a regular picture.

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Best selfie sticks for iPhone

Not all iPhone selfie sticks are created equal. That's why we did our homework and figured out which ones really are the "best"!

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#DOUBLETAKE: Here were some of the CRAZIEST things at CES 2017!

Okay, first off: CES is a gigantic wonderland of anything and everything techie and weird. That means that no matter which corridor you decide to turn down, there’s a chance you’ll find something that could make you do a serious double-take!

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Best Alternatives to Apple TV

What are the best alternatives to Apple TV out there? We have you covered!

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SOS: Best ways to keep the Siri Remote from disappearing


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How to use Facebook's new live audio feature!

If you’re a big fan of podcasts, or love a good book on tape, or just adore tuning into talk radio, then you’re probably going to fall in love with Facebook’s newest feature.

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How to shoot 360-degree video with Periscope

This week, Twitter announced that it will begin to support 360-degree video streaming with Periscope. This means that you don’t only have to broadcast live, but you can show off a 360-degree feed of wherever you are, too!

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New Year's photography tips and tricks!

New Year's Eve can be hectic. Here are some photography tips to help you capture the moments you don't want to miss.

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iPad... plates? Eat off a screen at a restaurant in San Francisco!

Yeah, you read that right. Your meal is going to be literally served to you on an iPad showing dogs looking for the exact thing you’re eating off the screen of your iPad/platter.

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Pokémon Go for Apple Watch: Best bands to catch 'em all!

Having a comfortable, good-quality, and super cool wristband to go with your Pokémon-ified Apple Watch is key, so we tracked down a couple of options that should pair perfectly with your new Pokemon hunting tool.

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Apple Watch Nylon Band vs Sport Band: Which should you buy?

Two of the most popular type of Apple Watch bands for daily use are nylon Apple Watch bands, and Sport Apple Watch bands, and while both are incredibly different, they each have features and qualities that make them solid options to partner with.

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Snapping the best: The top iPhone photographs of 2016

If you’re a huge fan of iPhone photography, then you’ll be super jazzed to learn that the winners of the 9th official iPhone photography awards have been picked from thousands of entries from over 139 countries across the globe!

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How to rearrange your Mac's menu bar

Here’s how you can easily rearrange Menu bar icons to perfection!

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How to take the best holiday photos ever!

Ho, ho, hoooold up: Here are some handy-dandy photography tips for this holiday season!

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Best last-minute holiday e-gifts!

What are the best, most awesome last-minute gifts?! These, of course!

You're probably heard this a billion times, but I'll say it again: THE HOLIDAYS. ARE. MADNESS.

I don't blame you for totally not having everything totally together, which is why I went ahead and put together this list of some of the best last-minute e-gifts that are boung to get to your doorstep before Christmas!

TP-Link Multicolor Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs

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Best keyboards for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro

To truly increase your workflow on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro means having an awesome keyboard to connect to it. We've selected the best options to check out for all your typing needs.

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What's new in the Photos web app

What's new in's Photos web app?

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#BYEBYEBLUETOOTH: Thanks to FotoSwipe 3.0, sharing files, pictures, and videos has never been easier!

If you're looking for an easy way to transfer your files, pictures, folders: WHATEVER! Then check out FotoSwipe!

For those of you that have been reading iMore for a while, you might remember us posting about FotoSwipe wayyyyyyy back in 2014 and 2015.

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Facebook Messenger = Snapchat 2.0? There's a new Facebook Messenger update!

Facebook’s latest update for Messenger has a whole lot of new bells and whistles, and people are pretty pumped to say the least!

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Best Stocking Stuffers Under $25 for Apple Fans

Here are a couple of radical holiday gifts that you can shove in your friend’s and families (and even your own) stocking for under $25!

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